Natural Colon Cleansers Products

Have you been trying to find natural colon cleansers products thinking that since they’re branded as “natural”, they should be safe for use or consumption? Well, be prepared for a revelation! Although most of such products are made up of natural and sometimes herbal ingredients, that doesn’t mean that they’re safe. It gives people the perception that they’re but frankly, they may not.

There have been reports of people experiencing side effects such as headaches, migraines and body aches after using certain brands of colon cleansers products that have been marketed to be all natural! Remember, heroin is also made from the all natural poppy plant! So if anyone tries to tell you that a product is safe just because it’s made of natural ingredients, take it with a pinch of salt.

Do your own due diligence and conduct your research. Many people who’ve decided to go for colon cleansing prefer the natural ones because they’re deemed to have lesser or no side effects. In our opinion, the real question is not really the type or brand of colon cleansing products you should go for. But rather,

Do You Even Need Colon Cleansing?

Chances are, the advertisers will tell you you need it. The internet product reviewers will tell you you need it. Look at the natural colon cleansers advertisements you see on TV or the user reviews you find on the internet. These same people will probably tell you occasional colon cleansing is vital for our body’s health. They will usually tell you that because of our present day hectic lifestyle and diet, our colons accumulate a lot of toxins in the form of undigested food and when these aren’t inefficiently removed, we falls sick easily. Why? Because all these toxins get reabsorbed into the body via our blood stream and hence poisoning our entire system and affecting our internal organs.

Some advertisers even went as far as to relate colon cleansing with weight gain or loss by saying such products increase one’s bowel movements and whilst doing so, prevent excess calories from being absorbed into the body and cause weight gain. Some also tell you that you must have a bowel movement everyday.

But are all these claims true?

As indicated in our eariler article on the truth about colon cleansers, there are already natural mechanisms within our bodies to counteract all these toxic claims made by the advertisers. There’s nothing more natural than relying on these already built in bodily functions! The cells within our gastrointestinal tract gets shed every 3 days, implying that no waste buildup is possible. There are also helpful bacteria within the colon to detoxify the waste materials. The mucous membranes lining the walls of our colon also acts as a shield for preventing these toxins from infiltrating into the blood stream. Remember, our liver also works to neutralize the toxins.

As for the weight gain consideration, doctors have advised that increasing the amount of bowel movements will not lead to weight loss because, the calories present in the food is already absorbed by the body way before it reaches the large intestines. Besides, different people’s bowel movement routine is different. Some do it daily or even a few times a day whereas others do it a few times a week.

And if after reading all this, should you still believe colon cleansing is for you, remember one thing. Caveat emptor! Good luck in your research for the best natural colon cleansers.

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