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Wanna Try An Oxygen Colon Cleanser?

And before you do that, read this article about oxygen colon cleanser first. With the growing popularity of colon cleansing as an alternative health lifestyle tool, manufacturers are coming up with various types of colon cleansers to cater for different needs. They’ve got herbal colon cleansers to satisfy users who prefer stuff which are all natural. They’ve got colon cleansers for those who wants to lose weight. And now, guess what, they’ve also got oxygen colon cleansers for those who need more oxygen into their systems! The truth remains, however, whether we even need such colon cleansing in the first place. If you haven’t read our earlier articles on the truth about colon cleansers, check it out now.

What are Oxygen Colon Cleansers?

Oxygen colon cleansers are essentially another range of colon cleansing product which can be in a form of capsules or powder. If it’s in the powder format, you’re supposed to mix it with a liquid, perhaps water to turn it into a solution. And contingent upon the system you’re on, you’re expected to drink between 1 to 3 glasses of this mixture everyday. A pretty easy system to follow through.

Manufacturers claim that they contain ingredients which introduces oxygen into our systems and helps rejuvenate our body in the process. They also supposedly contain specialized oxygenated elements which aid in the break down of compact solid waste in our colon and intestinal walls into fluids. As it goes through our system, the oxygen gets released in the form of bubbles. This action helps generate a scrubbing effect which in turn flush out the years of built-up wastes, thereby helping people who suffer from constipation problems. These build up of wastes is what colon cleansing enthusiasts believe to be the cause of toxins that results in poor health for most people. In fact, some reviews of these oxygen colon cleansers have also advised that they can even eliminate old cemented clogs of waste matter from the kidney and insides of the gall bladder! Sounds good yeah?

Besides that, it is believed that oxygen colon cleansers have the added ability to aid in the growth of useful bacteria. And these bacteria helps in our digestion. Oxygen delivery as a result of these bacteria occurs throughout the digestive tract so that the digesting action commences much earlier. That is said to help in bowel movement and prevents constipation. Other types of colon cleansers are said to be too harsh and may wash out such bacteria during the cleansing process. In a way, it restores a microbial population which is on overall, beneficial for the body.

And if you read into a lot of these manufacturer’s claims, they will also tell you oxygen-based colon cleansers :
- Does not involve any harsh chemicals that irritate the digestive system (as laxatives sometimes do).
- Have very little risks associated with it as opposed to the risks associated with hydrotherapy (e.g. infection and colon wall damage).
- Has no or little side effects at all unlike with laxatives

If you intend to consider oxygen colon cleansers, advocates of this colon cleanser will tell you to drink more fluids to help with the process. Also, they’ll say it’s pretty normal to experience some gases or have diarrhea as these are signals that the cleanser is working. But is all

In our opinion however, regardless of how much you buy into the manufacturers claims, always consult your doctor if you’re ok to try such products and if the conditions of gases and diarrheas gets too serious, stop the oxygen colon cleansers and seek medical attention immediately.

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