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The Colon Cleanser Weight Loss Relationship

Believe it or not, but the term “colon cleanser weight loss” is one of the few interesting searched terms by people looking for information on internet. People thinks colon cleansing does help in weight loss and are looking for a colon cleanser to help them with it. So how did this colon cleanser weight loss relationship gets started and is there any truth in it?

We all know how researching any medical procedure over the web may make you more confused than informed. Although there have been some great genuine information online, there are also a lot of false rumors and even downright lies floating around the web. Some online reviews claim that certain products have the ability to do certain things when in fact, the reviewer has not even tried the product! There is a certain element of self interest as these reviewers get an attractive commission off any sales purchase. The colon cleansers industry is particularly suspectible to this as weight loss with colon cleansing is a popular topic. But the question is, is it even possible to lose weight with a colon cleanse? Or are they just hocus pocus?

The truth is, colon cleansing doesn’t have any direct effect on weight loss. Even when a person remove his bowels more often than he usually does, it will not influence the amount of calories that are absorbed by our bodies. After all, by the time our waste matter reaches the large intestines, the calories are already taken into our bodies. So if this is the case, then what’s with the common misconception on the colon cleanser weight loss relationship?

Some alternative medical professionals believe that while these colon cleansers won’t result in weight loss on their own, they can actually help you achieve better results from your own weight loss efforts. They believe that colon cleansers will give you with more energy since a clean and efficient colon can help the rest of your body function much more efficiently. With that, your workouts may seem to last longer and end up burning more calories and fats. They also argued that a “cleaner” colon results in the more efficient digestive system which will raise your metabolism and calories conversion. But is this true?

Medical evidence does not point to any conclusion with regards to these benefits. Many doctors believe that even if colon cleansing does have any positive benefits, it’s more to do with the impact on our nervous system than anything else. This is because medical research shows that our bowel responses indirectly affect our bodily nervous system. As scientific evidence have shown that constipation can be mitigated with enemas, the same propositon may hold true for colon cleansing as well.

That said, if you’re still adamant in trying out colon cleansing, make it a point to at least read through the rest of this website for relevant articles that will help you make informed choices on the type of colon cleanser weight loss alternatives you can go for.

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