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What You Need To Know About The Detox Colon Cleanser

The detox colon cleanser is just another term people use to search for a specific type of colon cleansers on the internet. In actual fact, there’s nothing really much different between the detox colon cleanser or any other type because effectively, one of the colon cleansers’ pseudo benefits is that it helps to remove the accumulated toxins in our colon. That action in itself – according to alternative medical professionals – helps to improve our health.

Health enthusiasits will tell you that detox colon cleansing is essential because of “autointoxication”. Now what is autointoxication and how does it affect our way of life? It is believed that the food we eat that are undigested results in mucus buildup in the colon. This mucus is believed to be the cause of toxin absorption within our bodies, which in turn results in issues such as fatigue, weight buildup, lack of energy, migraines etc.

By cleansing our colon regularly – either through the consumption of oral supplements in the detox colon cleanser or colon irrigation, it is believed that such effects gets mitigated and one can improve their overall health condition this way. The use of such cleansers “detoxify our intestinal and colon system, clearing up the bulk mucus that lines the walls”, thereby improving

And if you do a search on the internet, you may in fact come across testimonies of people who’ve experience such positive effects after using the colon cleansers. Some did see a increase in weight loss and their standard digestive actions while others reported better and comfortable sleep. Some alternative health advocates have even claimed that painful muscle and joints aches, backaches etc were alleviated after some people have used the detox colon cleanser. They even say that because these health ailments are eased, these same people pursue their daily routines with more zest and enthusiasm. Certain health and wellness experts have also given similar accounts of how people were getting more efficient in their workplace and home as a result of regular use of the detox colon cleanser!

If all this talk about detox colon cleansing sounds to good to be true, chances are, you’re probably right. While it may be true that some users may have reported benefits, medically speaking, there’s little conclusive evidence to prove that it’s the result of the colon cleanse detox. Medical professionals argue that these benefits are likely the result of colon cleansing’s influence on our bodies’ nervous systems as medical research have proven that our bowel responses will inadvertently impact our bodily nervous system. And while these reported benefits remain unverified, there are direct feedback from people who’ve experienced side effects from using the products. Some of the more common side effects – depending on the ingredient or procedure involved may or may not includes cramps, vomitting, dizziness, bowel perforation, infection etc.

Unknown to many, our bodies have in-built detoxification processes and there’s really no need to go about taking the detox colon cleanser. For example, within our colon, there are bacteria that actually neutralizes the toxic stuff within our waste. There’s also an internal cell rejuvenation every 3 days and during the process, old cells are shed and replaced by the new ones. And contrary to what others thought, the colon’s mucus is actually there for a purpose. It helps to shield the undesirable stuff from getting into our blood stream.

Now, do you still need the detox colon cleanser?

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