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What About Herbal Colon Cleansers?

First things first, the fact that these herbal colon cleansers uses “all-natural” ingredients doesn’t necessary mean they’re safe. Remember, heroin is also made from the all natural poppy plant! Several herbal colon cleansing products¬†had been known to be as harmful due to the harsh herbal ingredients included in them. And these does have adverse effects on our intestinal walls. Why?

When the harsh elements within the herbal content are excessively used, they might strain our muscle cells and membranes in the intestinal walls and result in damages. Prolong exposure may result in the body’s passing of such waste materials, thereby losing its traditional movement. The body then becomes so accustomed to these materials such that bowel movement is dependent on it.

So if herbal colon cleansers are also not spared of the “danger” they may cause to our bodies, does it mean you should give up colon cleansing at all?

Now before you even come to that, ask yourself if you ever need colon cleansing at all. There are a lot of myths and claims about this procedure but how much of a benefit do they truly provide? For more information about this controversy, check out our earlier article about colon cleansers. If you’re still keen to try out colon cleansing despite all the fuzziness, it’s important to ensure that you try it safely with some precautionary measures. This is also probably the main reason why you’re looking for good herbal colon cleansers recommendations right?

Herbal colon cleansers do have their merits over their chemically enriched cousins. The better ones tend to have lower enzyme levels and contain lower sugar, lower fat and lower preservatives, thereby reducing the risk of any potential side effects. That said, it’s always on the safer side to check out with your family doctor if any particular herbal colon cleansers is safe for you. It also helps to consider only ingredients which are regulated and not excessively used.

An Analysis Of Common Herbal Colon Cleansers Ingredients

Some of the common herbal colon cleansing products’¬†ingredients include Psyllium, Senna & Cascara Sagrada. Most of these are simply too harsh on the human system and unless prescribed by a medical professional, should be avoided. Psyllium for instance can cause your oesophagus, intestines etc to be choked, if insufficient water is consumed with it. It may also change one’s bowel habits.

Prolonged usage of Sienna can result in issues such as excessive weight loss, severe diarrhorea, liver failure, hepatitis, a reducation in enzyme productions and more. Cascara sagrada can also cause lesions in the colon, abdominal pains, hepatitis and liver damage. Who would have known that Cascara sagrada can have such harmful repercussions?

It’s actually an active ingredient for herbal colon cleansing products since they’re commonly used for quick constipation relief. But scientific researches have proven that this ingredient is capable of causing major digestive issues and deterioriation of existing conditions such as constipation or diarrhea. Although it’s effective for certain colon treatment, it’s negative side effects far outweighs the benefits.

There are also relatively milder ingredients in some of the herbal colon cleansers such as aloe vera juice, apple cidar vinegar etc but as always, don’t just take them as it is. Ask your doctor for advice and if you’re feeling uncomfortable after taking the herbal colon cleansers for a few days, stop immediately and seek medical attention.

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